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TeamOutLoud is an enterprise work-social app that improves communication, increases employee engagement and reduces turnover.

Improve Communication

What better way to take your organisation’s pulse than to have it all laid out in a news feed, Facebook style? Forget about posting pieces of paper on some dark corridor that nobody reads or making them dangerously public by mixing private corporate life with public Facebook life. Your newsfeed is yours alone and nobody from the outside can access it. Just like a real-time internal company newspaper.


Feel Your Customers

Some industries are exceptionally dependent on customer feedback to get (or lose) more customers. Whatever your customers are saying, you need to know. We deliver all your TripAdvisor and Booking comments as they happen, making your employees accountable for their customer experience almost in real time.


Remember Important Dates

Life is in the details and people are happy when their important dates are not forgotten. Celebrate together birthdays and job anniversaries by letting everyone know that today is Alice’s birthday or that Peter has been at the company for 5 years. Employees and they will respond by feeling happier and by making customers happier.


Motivate Your People

Everybody loves motivational quotes, period. The right words at the right time can feed us with inspiration, passion and can fuel our day. TeamOutLoud has a database of 15.000 powerful motivational quotes that are randomly selected each day. You can also create your own automatic custom phrase posts and remember your employees of important behaviour patterns like “Don’t forget to smile”.


Recognise Great Work

Your colleague did a good job? Give him some points. Attach a picture and a few words of encouragement if you like. She doesn’t need to be the best ever, you can reward accordingly to the level of greatness – from “good work” to “I bow to you”, the scale can cover every occasion. The more you give, the more people will give back to you!


Lead By Example

All of us have strengths and areas we can improve. All the points you get and give will accumulate over the month and year, so you can check where you stand against the top-3. Improve the areas you need to improve, and leverage those in which you are a natural. Coach others to become like you, and learn from the best. Level up on your qualities, until you become a super-hero capable of flying and saving the world from bad guys… Ok maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but you will definitely become a proud role model for others.


Know Who Is Who

If you are human like us, sometimes you forget things. Birthdays. First names. Or you somebody’s name but not their department. Or you know both name and department and desperately need to contact them but – damn – you don’t have them in your contacts. Don’t worry, TeamOutLoud has all that information and allows you to search by free text or a very well-organised tree structure. Your company “who’s who”.


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